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Created: Apr 19, 2018

Job Title:
Distribution Manager
Job Status:
Full Time
Job Category:
3-5 Years
Salary Type:
High School
Job ID:
Theresa Mangapora
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None Specified
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Job Description

Brazos Valley Food Bank (BVFB), a private, non-profit that provides hunger-relief in the Brazos Valley, is in search of a full-time (40 hrs/week) Distribution Manager.

The Distribution Manager, a senior role at the Brazos Valley Food Bank, oversees the acquisition, receipt and distribution of food to the hungry through partner agencies and programs throughout the Brazos Valley. The Distribution Manager is responsible for ensuring that the Brazos Valley Food Bank is running as well as it possibly can, with smooth, efficient and safe service that meets the expectations and needs of partner agencies, programs and program participants. To do this, the Distribution Manager must solicit feedback, analyze statistics, develop and read reports, liaison with other team members, including interacting with managers of different areas of the organization, to check for effectiveness and developing, implementing and sustaining a strategy for improvement, if necessary. The Distribution Manager must have a passion for coaching and mentoring staff and building a collaborative and safe workplace culture, all while keep in mind the larger strategic vision of the organization and its supporters. While not a warehouse manager, the Distribution Manager must always be willing to be hands-on in the warehouse when needed, interacting with staff, volunteers and donors. The Brazos Valley Food Bank is very dynamic organization, with many moving parts that overlap. A calm demeanor, good boundaries, excellent communication and listening skills and solid problem solving ability are a must. Compensation commensurate with experience. Benefits included.

Distribution Manager

Supervision/Personnel: Training and supervising staff, work plan and goal development and oversight, as well as tracking and measuring staff performance

• Regularly scheduled, one-on-one meetings/supervision with the Warehouse Coordinator (responsible for daily food distribution operations): coaching, goal-setting, professional development, compliance management, performance reviews, etc.
• Regularly scheduled, one-on-one meetings/supervision with the Distribution Assistant (responsible for providing support to Distribution/Warehouse Team, including data entry and oversight of supplies): coaching, goal-setting, professional development, compliance management, performance reviews, etc.
• Regularly scheduled, one-on-one meetings/supervision with the Receptionist: coaching, goal-setting, professional development, compliance management, performance reviews, etc.
• Co-facilitate with the Community Engagement Manager regularly scheduled Team meetings between Warehouse Coordinator and Assembly Coordinator
• Oversight of cleaning service staff, including providing direction for work
• Oversee all training requirements of supervised personnel are met, up to date, and documented (forklift certificate, food safety training, etc.)
• Develop regular meeting schedule for warehouse staff – safety meetings, policy meetings, check-in meetings, etc. • Job description updating, job posting, interviewing, hiring and training of new staff when required, including onboarding

Operations: Routinely assess and oversee safety, cleanliness and logistical protocols, to ensure efficiency and compliance of our operation (warehouse, fleet, etc.)

Quality Assurance

• Regularly review BVFB distribution efficiencies, optimal use of staff and fleet
o Develop time study program for warehouse staff and work-study students
o Track waste and determine operations/processes for reduction
o Analyze truck routes, delivery times, etc.
o Review data collected within inventory system (distribution patterns, seasonal changes, areas of need, etc.)
o Track where product is going (geography), who is taking what product (agency type) – in line with community statistics of need? o Develop dashboard reports to capture data easily for review
o Communicate, collaborate with program and agency staff to make sure that surplus product can be moved

With Warehouse Coordinator, monitor distribution of all food, especially United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)/Texas Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) product, to each County served, to most needed areas

o When not balanced, problem solving with appropriate managers and implementing agreed upon solutions
• Researching new technologies and alternative methods of efficiency
• Facilitate regularly scheduled and documented Safety Meetings with warehouse staff (and Assembly Coordinator, if appropriate)


• Review Feeding America (FA)/Houston Food Bank (HFB), Feeding Texas (FT), American Institute of Baking (AIB), State Health Department, salvage/reclamation, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)/Texas Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), as well as Feeding Texas Mixing Center requirements to ensure that our food bank (receiving, storing, inventory, distribution) is in compliance with all.

• If not, developing and implementing policies, procedures and documented training to get BVFB in compliance
• Written Procedures:
• Develop and/or enhance current written Warehouse Operation Procedures (receiving, inventory practices and procedures, food distribution, safety, etc.), in conjunction with pertinent staff.
• If not written, developing written procedures. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all aspect of Distribution are a must.
o Training for staff if necessary.
• Ensuring all warehouse documentation, reports, activity logs, etc. are in order, correctly filled out, correctly filed, etc.


• Oversee service calls for vehicles and equipment, including keeping detailed files of work performed for historical purposes. If this task is delegated, ensuring these items are completed timely, within budget, with a paper trail
• Oversee Texas Department of Transportation (TDOT) Compliance issues regarding Commercial Driver License (CDL) licensed staff and vehicles
• Oversee cleanliness and logo installation/replacement


• Oversee, with the Warehouse Coordinator, facility layout/functions for safety and efficiency
• Oversee services calls for physical plant repairs. If this task is delegated, ensuring these items are completed timely, within budget, with a paper trail
• Liaison with pest management contractor
• Oversee Emergency Exit plan creation, posting and associated training and drills
• Responsible for installation, upkeep and oversight of facility signs

Contracts: Renewal, negotiation, review

• Cleaning Services
• Ryder (Fleet Maintenance)
• Equipment maintenance
• Pest Control
• Grounds keeping

Fiscal Responsibilities

• Setting and reviewing budgets and managing cost (facilities management, fleet maintenance and repair, personnel, food, etc.)
• Food Sourcing & Food Ordering:
o Oversee food purchases from the Houston Food Bank, FeatherCrest Farms and Ruffino Meats (for general food distribution and/or programs)
 Follow BVFB financial policies and procedures around procurement and bidding
 Verify billed correctly, product received, etc.
o Source, place orders and arrange for/purchase needed product for agencies and programs (as directed by Program Staff), including payment, pickup, storage and data entry (when necessary).
 Follow BVFB financial policies and procedures around procurement and bidding
 Verify billed correctly, product received, etc.
o Oversight of Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) grant money for produce purchase
 Verify billed correctly, product received, receiving reports completed
o Working with the Distribution Assistant, ensuring that all product received is accurately entered into inventory system and associated paperwork properly filed

Receiving Food:

o Act as liaison with the Houston Food Bank (FFB) for the following: o United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)/Texas Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) Commodities, including bonus loads
o Weekly produce pallet amounts
o Box supply
o Ensure supply of reclamation food
o Approve additional loads from H-E-B
o Reach out to H-E-B, the Houston Food Bank (HFB) or Feeding Texas (FT) Food Banks when BVFB has a need

Retail Pick-Up Program: Oversee and enhance Retail Pick-up Program, including troubleshooting

o Build relationships with Retail donors, including annual recognition of product donors and visiting their locations
o Tour partners at BVFB’s facility so they understand the scope of product BVFB can accept, in an effort to increase amount and type of donations.
o Develop, update and provide annual training to Retail Pick-Up Partner Agencies
o Secure annual Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from Partner Agencies
o Develop monitor form, schedule and monitor locations annually  Document visits for files
• Develop any written corrective action plans needed
• Review plans with site with deadline for improvement
o Compile statistics from staff and partner agencies for required reports submission, as well as review trends in donations (kind, amount, etc.)
o Handle any Retail Pick-Up related complaints, in writing and inform pertinent staff of issues
o Mail out yearly poundage report letters to all retail donors

General Food Drives

o Serve as the contact with the public for Food Drives
o Confirm all registered food drives from BVFB website, asking if additional information may be needed
o Coordinate barrel/banner pick-up/delivery
o Development of this program – how do we get more food in from the public?
o What items does BVFB need and at what times of the year?
o Work with applicable staff to capture photos of food donor drop offs for social media
o Work with Community Engagement Manager for food drive solicitations, testimonials, etc.

KBTX-TV’s Food for Families Food Drive

o Serve as the Onsite Coordinator (main location) for food donations
o Responsible for warehouse staffing day of event, food receiving processes and documentation
o Work with partners on getting resources to satellite drives

Getting Food Out:

o Deliveries:
o Work with Warehouse Coordinator to ensure that BackPack, Senior Bag, Mobile Pantry, School Pantry and Food Drops are added to partner agency and Retail Pickup schedule
 Work with Warehouse Coordinator to ensure that warehouse staff get orders pulled, delivered, etc.
 Produce/Food Fairs (scheduling, trouble-shooting, complaints, verify billed correctly)
 Work with Warehouse Coordinator to troubleshoot problems with receiving sites – missed/late deliveries, wrong product, wrong amount of product, quality of product

Overall Monitoring & Compliance

• Inventory: Initiate daily, monthly and quarterly inventory processes with Warehouse/Food Sorting staff
o Analyze outcomes provided by the Finance Associate
o With Finance Associate, determine adjustments, if any
• Work with warehouse staff to clarify items brought back from Mobile Pantries/Food Fairs/Food Drops to correct inventory
• Audits:
o Submit paperwork in a timely fashion
o Provide inventory reports in a timely fashion
o Answers questions truthfully and in a timely fashion
 Work cooperatively with annual financial independent auditor  Be the liaison and main point of contact with the State Health Department during unannounced site visits
 Warehouse point of contact for Houston Food Bank (HFB) site visits
 Warehouse point of contact for Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) visits

Reports: Ensure the following reports are completed and submitted on time and accurately:

o Monthly reports required by the Houston Food Bank (HFB) o Quarterly poundage reports for the Houston Food Bank (HFB) o Receiving reports for Texas Department of Ag (TDA) grant • Regularly review distribution reports from our inventory software. o Report findings to appropriate stakeholders • Develop content for funder progress reports, when needed Other

• Planning for and controlling/managing change • Serve as the BVFB representative with Feeding Texas (FT) committees/work groups/trainings, such as Operations, Logistics and/or Produce • Represent BVFB at Volunteers Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) meetings o Play a proactive role in overseeing warehouse operations during a natural disaster o Play a significant role in development of up to date, written Disaster Plans • Facilitate Inventory software updates • Manage Food Donation, Food Distribution and Warehouse Operations website content, either updating content or delegating others to do so • Represent warehousing operations with public/media relationships • Be liaison with TAMU for Warehouse Work Study students, including required training, paperwork, etc. (and ensuring performance reviews are completed) or delegate to the Warehouse Coordinator • Assist with preparation for presentations during annual Agency Training, when needed (at least review content of presentation if done by the Warehouse Coordinator) • Communicate effectively, appropriately and in a timely fashion with the Executive Director • Follow all Agency Policies & Procedures • Attend regularly scheduled one on ones with supervisor • Attend quarterly All Staff meetings • Attend monthly Management Team Meetings • Attend Food Distribution Task Force Meetings • Discuss all ideas and changes to program(s) with the Executive Director before taking action • Get approval from the Executive Director in advance of any financial expenditures not budgeted for • Assist with all BVFB fundraising events, when needed, including coordinating product acquisition activities • Other duties as assigned and needed


• Highly motivated, with proven capacity to take initiative, work independently and effectively with others at all levels of BVFB with a high level of professionalism in all interactions • Passion for the mission of feeding people • Bachelor's Degree in a related field (industrial distribution, business administration, etc.) preferred. If no degree, at least 3-5 years of directly applicable experience • Proven coaching/managerial experience (3-5 years minimum) • An understanding of logistics, transportation and labor demands needed • Budgeting and managing cost experience needed • Purchasing experience needed • Experience in a warehouse environment, including working with food, a plus • Must be an excellent communicator, including professional telephone, email and in person demeanor. Must also be able to communicate in written form in a concise yet impactful manner • Must understand the importance of communicating up and communicating down within the organization • Experience developing systems where none existed before • Exceptional follow-through • Superior organizational, analytical and project management skills coupled with the ability to learn quickly, create and analyze alternative solutions and make recommendations • Ability to manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously, meet deadlines, and respond accurately and quickly to immediate needs in a high-paced environment • Sound and logically decision making capabilities • Proven experience in developing policies and procedures and implementing them • Experience monitoring/auditing a department or other entities a plus • Must be a team player, working within and across departments, while keeping in mind larger strategic goals • Ability to work in an evolving environment with the utmost integrity, objectivity, fairness and transparency • Must have people skills with ability to manage difficult and complex situations • Ability to work with a diverse group of people (donors, volunteers, clients, and general public) with discretion and confidentiality • Must be a lifelong learner, interested in learning more about model practices and industry standards and how to apply them • Must be able to give and accept constructive criticism • Ability to be move between desk work and warehouse responsibilities at a drop of hat • If not certified, willingness to obtain forklift certification and Food Handler’s Certificate • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, graphics software, Internet research, social media and databases • Ability to extract and analyze data; create charts and graphics • Flexible, with availability to work a weeknight or weekend as needed • Valid driver's license and clean driving record required. • Must pass criminal background check before hire.


• Ability to walk, stand, sit, kneel, push, stoop, reach above the shoulder, grasp, pull, bend repeatedly, identify colors, hear with aid, see, write, count, read, speak, analyze, alphabetize, lift and carry up to 50 lbs., perceive depth, operate a motor vehicle, and operate motor equipment.
• Conditions may include working inside, working outside, working alone, working protracted or irregular hours.
• May be asked to travel in state or out of state for training or professional development opportunities.
• Equipment (machines, tools, devices) used in performing only the essential functions include computer and related equipment, calculator, copier, fax machine, telephone, and automobile.

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