TRENDING: Social media site to monitor and dancing grandma goes viral

According to research firm "E-Marketer", teenagers now think snap-chat is cooler than Facebook! The firm predicts more 12 to 17 year olds will use Snapchat over Facebook by the end of the year, but the news isn't entirely bad for Facebook. A lot of those teens are expected to also turn to Instagram, which Facebook owns.

Halloween is more than two months away, but M&M is already releasing a new flavor to celebrate. "Cookies and Screem" features a dark chocolate shell with white chocolate filling kind of like an oreo. The is now available only at Target.

Finally, 92-year-old Millie Seiver of Minnesota was spotted in a parking lot dancing alone but not for long.

Austin Police Sgt. Kim Lenz couldn't resist Millie's moves and joined in the fun.The duo's adorable dance party has of course gone viral after the department shared the video on social media.

Millie says she likes to dance whenever she's out and about to prove that age is just a number.