Amazon and Microsoft teaming up voice assistants to talk to each other

We have been showing you shocking rescue video all week long, from the human chain created to help a neighbor in labor, to the news reporters jumping into action, we've got another one for you.

A woman in Vidor, Texas was in her car when it overflowed with water. Luckily, a man in a tractor sprung into action diving into the rushing water and rescued the woman from her vehicle.

Also trending this morning, American dads are getting older. A study at Stanford finds the average age of newborns' fathers has gone up by three and a half years since the 1970s. Men over the age of 40 now account for about 9% of United States births. The potential downside is that older fatherhood is linked to higher rates of disorders including autism and schizophrenia.

You'll soon be able to use Alexa to send emails. Amazon and Microsoft are teaming up to let their voice assistants talk to each other by the end of the year. That mean Alexa users can ask Microsoft's Cortana to book a meeting or remind them to pick up flowers on the way home. And Cortana users can ask lexa to shop on Amazon and control smart-home devices.