Brazos Transit District seeking funding for new buses

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX)- Brazos Transit District (BTD) is hoping to receive $11 million through a grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The TIGER IX grant will help BTD purchase 20 diesel buses and five electric buses to accommodate the growing population of Bryan/College Station and Texas A&M University.

"We are expanding services as a result of an 18-month long transportation study of the current Brazos Transit District Fixed Route system," said Jo Penn, with the Brazos Transit District.

BTD compared their route structure to the relative population patterns and growth, and noticed they needed more buses.

"Bryan College Station is continuing to grow and as a result, we need to simplify our routes and add buses," said Penn.

BTD hopes to create two express routes that run north to south and south to north on Texas Avenue. All other bus routes will feed into those
routes. Then, they will also establish two new routes to service south College Station from College Station Medical Center to the tower point area.

"We will also be establishing a new route to service the RELLIS Campus in the future," said Penn.

In addition to the federal money,local funding will also add an additional $3 million for new buses.

"If BTD is awarded the TIGER grant, the funds will be utilized
to purchase 20 diesel buses for Texas A&M University as replacements for their buses that are currently at the end of their current life cycle," said Penn.

The five electric buses are a part of a pilot project that will be used to service the new route for the RELLIS campus in the future.