Chilifest donations total $161,000 for local organizations

Kristen Distributing Company, along with the sponsorship of Miller Lite, are pleased to announce that Chilifest 2017 was a huge success.

For more than 26 years, Chilifest Inc. has been able to give sizable contributions to many local organizations and charities, which have totaled over three million dollars since its inception. Chilifest will be celebrating 27 years in 2018 and the date has been set for Friday and Saturday, April 6th and 7th, 2018.

The purpose of Chilifest Inc. is to offer assistance to thousands of ill, neglected, and less fortunate individuals; as well as provide funding for many organizations who put forth the effort to resolve the life-threatening problems that endanger the lives of so many. This year Chilifest Inc. will contribute $161,000 back to local organizations and charities of the Brazos Valley and surrounding areas.

Chilifest Inc. is taking a greater effort to support alcohol awareness organizations by partnering with Kristen Distributing Company and Miller Lite to donate to C.A.R.E., Coalition on Alcohol Responsibility & Education. C.A.R.E.’s mission is to provide prevention education and outreach to the Brazos Valley through networking, coordinating activities, providing funding to community agencies that provide education and outreach, and fundraising to support these efforts.

This is the third year that Chilifest has been opened to the public for two days making Chilifest a two-day event. By doing this, Chilifest created more opportunities for sponsors, for volunteers, and for those attending to listen to live music from well renowned country artists. This year we created a new addition to the Chilifest experience, the Chilifest Village.

This is a fenced off area that included canopy tents, food and drinks, and seating similar to Tailgate Guys for Aggie game days. With adding additional opportunities along with an extremely organized event that provides top of the line entertainment, it allows Chilifest to get bigger and better each year. The overall attendance was great with over 35,000 people attending within that two-day window. All in all, when you are able to give back to the community as Chilifest Inc. has year after year, it is something to be proud of. Chilifest Inc. prides themselves on this tradition, a tradition that makes a positive impact in the Brazos Valley.

Contribution checks being mailed by Chilifest Inc.:

* Gratitude Initiative: $1,000.00

* Helping Heroes Burn Foundation: $1,000.00

* National Alliance of Mental Illness of Brazos Valley: $1,000.00

* Prenatal Clinic of Bryan: $1,000.00

* Shattered Dreams: $1,000.00

Contribution checks that were presented at the Chilifest 2017 Check Presentation & Sponsor Recognition Luncheon:

* BVCASA: $1,500.00

* Early Childhood Intervention: $1,500.00

* Bubba Moore Memorial Group: $1,500.00

* C.A.R.E.: $2,000.00

* College Station Morning Lions Club: $2,000.00

* Comanche County Go Texan: $2,000.00

* Kiwanis Club of College Station: $2,000.00

* SPJST: $2,000.00

* Texas Lions Camp: $2,000.00

* The Children’s Museum of the Brazos Valley: $2,000.00

* Keep Burleson County Beautiful: $2,500.00

* Newton County Go Texan: $2,500.00

* Slaton Smith Charitable Foundation: $3,000.00

* Snook EEA: $3,000.00

* Snook Lions Club: $3,000.00

* Somerville Church of God: $3,000.00

* Still Creek Ranch: $3,000.00

* Texas Ramp Project: $3,000.00

* Voices for Children: $3,000.00

* Snook 4H: $3,500.00

* Snook PTO: $3,500.00

* Burleson County Fair Association: $4,000.00

* Down Syndrome Association: $4,000.00

* Snook Ag Boosters: $6,000.00

* Big Brothers Big Sisters: $7,000.00

* Burleson County First Responders: $8,000.00

* Snook VFD: $8,000.00

* St. Joseph EMS: $8,000.00

* Coach Blair Charities: $11,000.00

* Boys & Girls Club of the Brazos Valley: $17,000.00

* Burleson County Go Texan: $25,000.00