Students fleeing Irma and Harvey temporarily enroll in local schools

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - 35 students are currently enrolled in the College Station Independent School District after being forced to leave their hometowns because of the destruction caused by both hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

"We want to help the kids feel like they are at home and welcome here and things are going to be normal," says Chrissy Hester, the Director of Student Services in College Station ISD. "We'll take care of their schooling even if we can't get a transcript."

Hester is usually the first CSISD official families will meet with when looking to enroll their students in school, and she wants the students to feels as comfortable as possible.

"We find out what programs they were in and make sure we can at least mirror them and help the kids feel like they are at home and welcome here," says Hester. "Things are going to get normal."

The district is taking in students from a variety of different grades. Elementary schools have taken in eleven students. When combined Middle schools and intermediate schools, have taken in 17. While High schools have 7 students.

A majority of the students come from school districts in Houston and Rockport. Two of the students hail from the Virgin Islands as they escape Irma's destruction.

College Station schools are offering support that includes food, clothing, school supplies and emotional support.

"They certainly come with some trauma and so we talk with them about that because we have a crisis counselor who specifically trained in trauma," says Hester.

While some students may soon end up returning home, others are preparing for the long haul here.

"Some of the families know their schools aren't going to be open this year," says Hester. "So they won't be going back and they know that."

After taking two weeks off, many school districts in the Houston area are now resuming normal class schedules. Others are still expected to be off for another week or two.