Congressman Kevin Brady hosts town hall, wants major tax reform

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HUNTSVILLE, Tex. (KBTX) - Congressman Kevin Brady is calling for major tax reform.

Friday the representative for the east side of our area presented those ideas and took questions at the town hall meeting in Huntsville.
Congressman Brady wants to have what he calls simple and fair postcard tax filing.

It would mean the taxes would be so simple it would fit on a postcard.

The room was packed Friday afternoon at the Huntsville-Walker County Chamber of Commerce.

Congressman Brady took questions about the change in leadership in Washington.

He also pitched that tax plan.

As Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Brady has a lot of influence in Washington and is making tax reform a high priority.

"One of the most interesting things we're proposing that for most families 9 out of ten would be able to file their taxes on a postcard. We want to make the tax code that fair and that simple and we do that by flattening it out lowering the rates and protecting more of the first dollars that families earn. And the third big reform we bust up the IRS, redesign it into an agency with one focus; customer service to you and I, so people are excited about this tax reform plan," said Brady, (R) District 8.

Brady adds with Republicans now controlling the House, Senate and the White House, he's optimistic this tax reform can move forward.

He's preparing to return to Washington this month to work on upcoming legislation.