Huntsville voters pass three propositions for city improvements

City of Huntsville
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HUNTSVILLE, Tex. (KBTX) - Voters in Huntsville had the chance to decide on three propositions totaling $128 million for a range of upgrades for the city.

Tuesday night, all three were passed.

Proposition 1 was for no more than $31 million to upgrade public safety facilities for fire and police, including a new Fire Station #2. It passed with 4,886 votes.

Proposition 2, not to exceed $24 million, would see the expansion and renovation of city service facilities like city hall and the city service center. It passed with 4,610 votes.

Proposition 3 was the costliest at $73 million. It would pay for the renovation of water and sewer facilities throughout the city. It passed with 5,559 votes.