Dancing robots set Guinness record

We've heard of celebrities giving their babies some odd names from Apple to Blue Ivy and Sir, but there is an ordinary couple who might be taking the cake this year.

While millions of Americans marveled at the total solar eclipse. A South Carolina couple marveled at their own little phenomenon.

In honor of the birth of their daughter birth on August 21, better known as total solar eclipse day, Michael and Freedom Eubanks named their newborn daughter, Eclipse Alizabeth. The couple had originally planned to name her Violet, but when she decided to show up on the historic day they just couldn't resist.

Also trending, a new survey lists the best jobs to have without a college degree. According to careercast.com, web designers top the list earning $66,000 a year. A medical sonographer can bring home more than $64,000, followed by respiratory therapists who earn more than $58,000 dollars.

Finally, can you say, 'do the robot'?! Video captured 1,069 pint-sized robots named "Dobi" getting down in unison in China.

The pack set a new world record for the most robots dancing simultaneously. A central control system was used to execute the synchronized robot routine. Guinness was on hand to confirm it was in fact the largest pack of dancing robots.