Easterwood Airport prepares for major renovations

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - They say it's always best to arrive early for your flight, and Easterwood Airport won't be the exception. Starting Friday, the Transportation Security Administration will be moving into the room next door, but It won't be permanent.

"What you're looking at is a temporary solution," said Easterwood Airport manager Josh Abramson, "as we phase through progression for construction projects for McKenzie Terminal."

It's a $4 million project to better utilize space and a move they say is well overdue.

"We want to bring the terminal into its place, right now in the year 2017," said Easterwood Airport communications manager Jeffrey Shaw, "so we're definitely modernizing it, making it look more attractive to definitely reach our market base here."

Behind security, you'll soon find separate men's and women's restrooms and a café. They're also working to upgrade security, with a state of the art exit breach control system to be installed.

"It'll prevent and help deter people from bringing contraband into the sterile area with the ultimate goal of bringing it on into an aircraft," explained Easterwood Airport director of security Ryan Clements.

While the transition may make for some short term inconvenience, it's all in the name of flying the friendly skies a little easier very soon.