FBI: Texas parents lied about sons' ISIS involvement

PLANO, Texas (AP) - FBI officials say a Texas couple lied to authorities about their sons' activities in the Middle East.

The Dallas Morning News reports that 57-year-old Mohommad Hasnain Ali and 49-year-old Sumaiya Ali pleaded guilty in federal court in June to making a false statement about international terrorism.

The couple reached an agreement with prosecutors for probation and a $5,000 fine each. The agreement will be reviewed by a judge Thursday during a sentencing hearing.

Federal court records allege their sons, 27-year-old Arman Ali and 26 year-old Omar Ali of Plano, moved to Egypt and then traveled to Syria to fight alongside the Islamic State group.

Court records show Mohommad Ali told investigators his sons weren't affiliated with any terrorist group in 2015. But email records show the couple was aware of their sons' activities.