Focus at Four: Texas to cut funding for pediatric therapy services

Big cuts are coming to state funding for therapy services for children with disabilities.

About $350 million is set to be slashed from pediatric therapy services as of July 15 as part of a larger plan to make budget cuts across the board.

The services affected include speech, physical and occupational therapy provided through Medicaid.

Locally, Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center employees says this will have a large impact on their effectiveness for young clients and beyond.

"When a child is able to do more for themselves, that relieves some of the pressure off the rest of the family," said Alina Fifer, clinic director at BVRC. "They can go and get services in the school district, but of course they're an educational provider, not a medical model. So we're talking about very different things."

Fifer says more than a third of their clients use Medicaid.