Four-year-old reunited with lost stuffed toy thanks to social media

Some New York inmates get to help out mans best friend, social media helps a four-year-old reunite with their stuffed toy and electric planes that are piloted remotely could happening sooner than you think.

Social media is a good way to keep up with friends and family, but it can also be a force for good. A four-year-old in Huxley, Iowa was reunited with their lost stuffed animal "George" thanks to a viral facebook post. Katue Hoeppner found the stuffed animal left behind in a rest-stop bathroom and was contacted by the child's teacher who the facebook post.

Also trending, there could be an electric-hybrid airline in our future. A Seattle startup, backed by Boeing, plans to make a plane that would dramatically reduce the travel time and cost of trips under one thousand miles. Eventually, the planes would fly solely on battery power and be piloted remotely.

And inmates in New York are partnering with some pups for a second chance at adoption. Handcuffs to Healing helps sheltered dogs that aren't considered adoptable pair up with prisoners for six weeks of training. Many of the dogs have been classified as bully breeds, which makes it hard to for them to find their forever home. Dogs need to be good with other pets and people to be considered for the program.