Free Music Friday: Emily Cole

Emily Cole joined News 3 for Free Music Friday.

She is a singer/songwriter/performing artist/recording artist who's been playing the greater Houston area as a solo artist since age 14, according to her biography.

A year ago in April, she met Andrew Smythe at Puffabelly's at an open mic hosted by Kenny Courville. While she still plays as a solo artist, Andrew will join her for duo gigs.

Emily & Andrew just returned from Nashville, TN. While there, they played at Belcourt Taps. Andrew will be leaving mid June to go on tour with "The Great Trumpet." Emily will be be touring with the High School Nation - Concert Series, starting in the fall. Outside of the tours, you can still find them gigging at local venues. Emily often is booked as a solo, and Andrew joins her when he is available.