From The Ground Up: Agriculture and Christmas

Our traditional Christmas celebrations wouldn’t be possible without production agriculture. You’ll find agriculture’s finger prints on the wonderful food we enjoy as well as many of the gifts we give and receive, and Christmas is a special time for most in the ag community. Jerry Armstrong is a rancher in Lee County near Dime Box.

“It’s the celebration of the birth of Jesus, and fortunately for those of us that do what we do in production agriculture we get to live that more than a lot of people, just being with nature. We see miracles out there every day. And it causes you, Christmas, one thing that it does for us, you slow down a little bit, and it gives you the ability to maybe not take some things for granted.”

Armstrong says that a big part of most families’ Christmas traditions are impacted by agriculture.

“No matter what you, how you celebrate Christmas, hopefully you’re going to have a Christmas meal with your family, and ag is going to be right in the center of it. No matter what you eat, no matter what you drink, no matter where you’re sitting. If you’re sitting at a wood table, you know agriculture had something to do with that. So we are at the center of the holidays. The Christmas tree, that’s agriculture. It’s a good feeling as a producer to know you’ve got a part in something as special as Christmas.”