From the Ground Up - "A Legacy In Agriculture"

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There’s a farming and ranching operation just outside Calvert that just may be home to some of the oldest cultivated land in the state of Texas. The Bar W Ranch was established around 1860 and is family owned and run to this day. Jane Anderson Manterola is a sixth generation farmer and rancher. Her family moved back to their ranch outside of Calvert full time about 7 years ago.

“When my father pulled out of the driveway in the morning, I was always in the truck. And so I didn’t formally study agriculture, but I feel like I have a really good mentor, and I really just saw everything that he did and I basically run that through my mind on a daily basis. I try to go about my day as he did.”

Jane’s daughter Catherine is part of the seventh generation.

“It’s been really wonderful for me moving here as a family, so my parents are the bosses. They’re doing things, but my voice is heard at the table when I want to do something or I have a suggestion. My brother’s voice is heard. My sister’s about to go to Tech and study agriculture.”

Catherine says that a big part of the past stays with her in the present.

“This is something we’re really doing as a family and we’re building as a family with the memory of what my grandfather and my great grandfather did to lay the foundation. We’re celebrating that and we’re doing it kind of our way with their voice in the back of our heads saying this is everything they taught us.”

Jane says she wouldn’t change a thing about her life.

“It sounds maybe a little corny but we love the land. I love the land. I love my heritage and I love being outdoors. I love agriculture. I love the fact that we’re responsible to basically put food on the table for the world, and I take it quite seriously so we try and do the very best that we can at whatever we do and I have great pleasure in what I do.”