Funny foul ball moment at MLB game between father and son

Hollywood just had its worst summer in 20 years, but movie studios hope people start opening their wallets this fall.

Despite strong showings from Wonder Woman and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, ticket sales suffered all season. The domestic box office brought in an estimated 3.8 billion dollars this summer. That's a 14 percent from last year, and the worst showing since 1997. Hollywood can rebound as early as this weekend. Stephen King's "It" is expected to have a 70 million dollar opening which would be a record for September. Sequels to The Blade Runner, Thor Ragnarok and the Justice League come out later this fall as well.

A new government study found that women between 40 and 59 years old aren't getting enough sleep. Not get enough sleep increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. To help wind down when it's time for bed, try keepnig your room cool and dark. Experts say women in this age range should aim for seven to nine of sleep each night.

Also trending, a foul ball forced a dad to knock his kid down so he could try and catch it during the Florida Marlins Washington Nationals baseball game. Not only did he miss but his kid is laying on the ground when he hops over him to pick up the baseball that landed a few feet away. The kid seems to be okay and is smiling once his dad gave him the ball as a souvenir.