Grimes County implements community wildfire protection plan

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ANDERSON, Tex - Yesterday, Grimes County officials and the Texas A&M Forest Service met to talk about the Community Wildfire Protection Plan. This plan is intended to help improve the safety of residents and minimize the number of homes destroyed by wildfires.

One of the main goals of the CWPP is to outline potential wildfire mitigation and prevention efforts within the urban wildfire interface. The interface is basically the mingling of developed areas with undeveloped areas. This interface is the best place to start in prevention of wildfires. Overall, 18 other counties in Texas have such a plan in place.

Jordan Herrin of the Texas A&M Forest Service said, "What we've outlined is not only projects for the county to work on, but we've also outlined a way that we can educate the landowners and homeowners of Grimes county to make them better prepared for wildfire."

Overall, Grimes County has demonstrated an initiative to get residents involved in protecting their homes from wildfire. Believe it or not, one thing that can increase that threat, at least indirectly, is the widespread heavy rain we received from Harvey.

"There's always a worry after big rain events like Hurricane Harvey and other summer storms that we've been getting. It allows more grass to grow and more fuels will be available to burn when they dry out" says Herrin.

With all that added fuel, it's even more important to have a plan should we dry out again this Fall or even further in the future, next Spring or Summer.

You can find more information about the program on their website, with important information for area homeowners.