Hearne making repairs to water supply

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HEARNE, Tex. (KBTX) - The city of Hearne is almost done repairing a water well that was putting out brown and orange colored water.

In May, News 3 talked to water customers in Hearne about the discolored water coming out of their faucets. The City of Hearne is finishing up repairs.

"This is Hearne's finest water," said Joyce Richardson of Hearne. She's very proud of her town's water and believes it's usually some of the best out there. However, Richardson knows that clean water is important. Her husband Waymon is currently in the hospital for dehydration following a kidney transplant in April.

"He has to drink a lot of water because of the new transplant that he has, requires a lot of water," Richardson said. Back in May, her next door neighbor showed us what the water looked like. Water coming of the faucet looked like orange juice at times and was discolored.

The city sent a camera down one of their wells and found a small hole in a casing. They put that well out of service to make repairs. Mayor Ruben Gomez tells us the work should be finished by next week.

“We’ll get it back in operation. We’ll also be cleaning out the well itself. I mean the well is being addressed but the tank will be cleaned out thoroughly inside, power-washed," Mayor Gomez said.

The city manager tells us Hearne's water supply is continuing to meet TCEQ standards. At Richardson's home the water was coming out clear when we tried it. Richardson says she's pleased with the city's response.

"Mr. Ruben knows there's a lot of sick people here and he has to get it right. And I know he wants it right and I talked with him matter of fact last night and he was talking about how he wanted to do better things for the City of Hearne," she said.

Hearne City Manager John Naron tells us the repairs will cost the city about $75,000.