Honolulu apartment fire kills several

Photo: Pexels / MGN
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HONOLULU, HI, (AP)- A fire that broke out Friday afternoon in a unit on the 26th floor of a Honolulu high-rise left three people dead and 12 injured.

All of the dead were found on the floor where the fire broke out, Fire Chief Manuel Neves said. Firefighters continued to go through the building to extinguish any hot spots and look for more victims.

A shelter was set up at a nearby school where about 50 residents had gathered.

Karen Hastings was in her 31st floor Honolulu apartment when she smelled smoke. She ran out to her balcony, looked down, and saw flames five floors below her.

She said the fire blew up and went flying out the windows before she ran to a lower floor to get fresh air.