Hundreds of Huntsville residents to appear as extras in new movie

HUNTSVILLE – Hundreds of Huntsville residents spent their Fourth of July holiday appearing in a feature film. The movie "Stronger" is set to be released in early 2017, Monday the crew shot their final scenes at the H.E.A.R.T.S Veterans Museum.

The movie is about a soldier who’s gone to Afghanistan and now suffers with PTSD. The makers of the film used the theme of Independence Day to bring awareness to the men and women who suffer from the disorder.

“Freedom isn’t free, there are people that have to go out and sacrifice,” said Jim Davis a member of American Legion post 95.
Davis says he jumped at the chance to be an extra in the film when he found out what the movie “stronger” was all about.

“This is Independence Day, what better way to spend it then learning and talking with people and supporting our veterans and our current active duty people,” said Davis. “They are the reason we could do this.”
In the film, Ulisis Larramendi plays a soldier who deals with PTSD and the affects it has on not only him but his family.

“I learned a lot and its things I didn’t even expect,” said Larramendi. “I was looking for information on post-traumatic stress, but what I got instead was a lot more than I bargained for which has shaped my character in many ways.”

“The process of learning took us to understand that it goes beyond veterans,” said Executive Producer Carla McDougal. “First responders also deal with PTSD as well as civilians who’ve experienced traumatic events.”

McDougal says making this film and researching the disorder lead her to create the organization “Stronger Together Alliance” a group of support groups across the country that are already helping those in need.

“We just thought there is brokenness in this world and we could help through a movie, we could help bring hope and healing and show that through Christ,” said McDougal.

The movie, funded entirely by donations is set to come out February of 2017. The Makers of the film say proceeds from its release will go to the Stronger Together Alliance.