Lawnmower races a family Father's Day tradition in Dobbin

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DOBBIN, Tex. (KBTX) While many families celebrated dad on Father's Day, it wasn't a typical celebration for a large family in Dobbin.

The revving of engines on Smith Road in Dobbin are not the sound of race cars, but from something much smaller; lawnmowers.

Every year families in this community celebrate Father's Day with a lawnmower race.

And what dad doesn't like something with an engine and four wheels?

"Some were suped up some were not," said Phillip Savoy.

Savoy and his family have hosted the event for several years.

"We started off where it had to mow. Now it's well just you know now we kind of want to make it a race, whereas before they're just regular stocked lawnmowers. They're kind of slow so we kind of want to make it more of race not a parade. We started suping some of them up still none of them are very fast," he said.

Each year there is a parade of lawnmowers, races and also a pulling competition between the machines.

"They thought it'd be fun just to get their lawnmowers out and race each other and so it just evolved from there. The next year they did it a little bit bigger, a little bit bigger. And so last year was the first year we added the kids cook-off to it," explained Lori Stephens of Dobbin.

As it continues to grow these families say they are just happy to honor these dads with a unique tradition.

"Show other people what kind of fun you can have on Father's Day, Make up your own thing. A new tradition," she said.

Local business Allphin Barbecue provided much of the food for the gathering.