Local businesses participating in 'A Day Without Immigrants' strike Thursday

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX)- Several Brazos Valley business owners say they will be closed Thursday to participate in the nationwide 'A Day Without Immigrants' strike.

The grassroots movement is urging immigrants and their families to stay home from work and school in an effort to demonstrate the importance of their role in the American economy and way of life.

KBTX has confirmed several locally-owned restaurants, bakeries, auto shops, hair salons and boutiques will be closed.

A sign on the door at La Botana restaurant in Bryan reads "A day without immigrants. We will be closed Feb. 16."

The sisters who run Yolanda's Boutique & More on Texas Avenue in Bryan say most of their customers have been very supportive with their decision to close for the day.

"It's not only Hispanics, it's all the immigrants and people here," said Susana Valdez. "We are important for this country, and what we're trying to prove is that without us it's not going to work like it's working right now."

The protest comes in response to President Donald Trump and his one-month-old administration.

The Republican president has pledged to increase deportation of immigrants living in the country illegally, build a wall along the Mexican border and temporarily ban people from certain majority-Muslim countries from coming into the U.S. He also has blamed high unemployment on immigration.

Many people who make the choice to skip work Thursday will not be paid in their absence, but social media posts encouraging participation stressed that the cause is worth the sacrifice.