Miss Louisiana shows off her ventriloquism during Miss America

A contest in the Miss America pageant shows off a talent that is a little out of the ordinary Sunday night.

Miss Louisiana didn't win the 2018 Miss America crown but she did light up Twitter with her unique talent performance. She took the stage with two puppets and performed a ventriloquist act which also included some yodeling.

Miss Louisiana said she's been practicing ventriloquism for most of her life and in fact taught herself how to yodel.

Also trending this morning, United Kingdom puppeteer Barnaby Dixon has gained an online following for his life like creations. His latest finger puppet, however, is on a whole other level. Dixon's glow in the dark bug puppet is so intricate it has flapping wings and tiny moving fingers that open and close. It can even pick up small object. Dixon made it from lightweight plastic that doesn't need a black light glow.

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