Nearly $27 million being dedicated to improving FM 2818

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) -- If you've ever been on 2818 during rush hour, you know the frustration

"It does get congested," said College Station resident Drexler Craig. "Especially early morning, late afternoon."

"Sometimes it's difficult to get to where I live," College Station resident Trevor Gray said.

"The charge I got when I got hired was do not let Bryan/College Station become like Austin," said Dan Rudge. He is the executive director of the Metropolitan Planning Organization.

They're charged with spending more than $100 million given by the Texas Department of Transportation approved by the voters.

The first project up is widening FM 2818 from University to Wellborn Road at the cost of nearly $27 million. The project will widen roads, install concrete median barriers and add biker and pedestrian facilities, but that also means even more traffic.

"If we get too congested here in Bryan College Station on our roadways, asked Rudge, "what incentive does that provide to people that can say, 'Well if I'm gonna live with this much traffic, why am I living in Bryan College Station?' I have more cultural resources available to me in Austin and Houston."

This, and other road projects, are aimed at making it easier to get around town, but could prove to make things difficult while under construction.

"When's that gonna happen?" asked College Station resident Lou Eva Clark. "In 20 years, I may be dead in 20 years! I don't know! It might be good for the students, but the people who live here, we do need something though to get around, it's just ridiculous to have to wait an hour to get home from work. This is College Station!"