New Bryan ISD school hours have some parents concerned

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - KBTX has received a lot of negative feedback from parents after Bryan ISD announced new school start and end times for the next school year.

Some of those parents say they're upset about the changes, and say the new hours won't work for their schedules.

Seven Bryan elementary schools are getting time adjustments for the 2017-2018 school year. The schools with changes include Branch, Henderson, Houston, Johnson, Mitchell, Navarro and Ross.

Several of them are making almost an hour jump start time from 7:45 a.m. to 8:35 a.m.

"We have a routine down, at 4:00 p.m. I'm not going to be able to give her her snack because dinner is right around the corner and then going to softball and doing activities it's going to be a crunch," said Magan Collinsworth who's daughter is in the second grade at Sul Ross Elementary.

Other parents say they wouldn't be able to make it to work on time and they would consider moving.

"I think that if the families are able to they might move from Bryan to another school district in the area or if they can afford it go to a private school because those times are now nice," said Jennifer Wellman.

Wellman's son goes to Harvey Mitchell Elementary and she said she feels for the teachers who work in the district.

"I know the teachers are going to be asked to do more. They already do so much as it is. They're now going to be up there probably even earlier and now even later. My heart goes out to them," said Wellman.

Another concern for parents with multiple children is having to be in two places at once when their kids will be getting out at the same time.

"My kids will either always be late for school or be picked up late or even early every single day," said Felicia Cordova who has six kids at four different Bryan schools.

"The schools usually only have the teachers outside for only a short time after dismissal. My babies will be alone outside of these schools either before or after and I am beyond worried about their safety seeing as there will be no adult supervision," continued Cordova.

Bonham Elementary parent, Ashleigh Barrera says the switch is not as bad.

"Our school has been great and opened their doors an hour before start time this year," said Barrera.

Barrera said that Bonham is scheduled to switch back about an hour in the fall.

"Either way, it is what it is and as parents we have to adjust accordingly. I'm sure the district is doing the best they can to accommodate everyone and not just thinking about individual circumstances. They have many variables to consider," said Barrera.

Bryan ISD released the following statement to KBTX:

"Moving start and end times is a change we study carefully and don't take lightly. We undertake time changes when transportation/busing needs require changes.

Next year's grade realignment and other factors necessitate the need for time changes to accommodate the bus requirements of students across our large, 453 square mile district. For morning drop-offs, our schools will be opened and staffed appropriately in order to ensure the safety of our students."