New apartments going up next to the Aggie Field of Honor

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - College Station will soon see a new low-rise apartment building. The new development is going right next to the Aggie Field of Honor

What's currently a vacant lot will soon be the Residences at University. The four story low-rise will include apartments and a cafe right on Harvey Mitchell Parkway.

It's a busy area and the Texas Department of Transportation has started construction for what's called a diverging diamond at FM 60.

"It's good to have this project already there so as TxDOT takes a look at that they can make some subtle changes and hopefully better accommodate what this land will be finally used for rather than an unknown," said College Station Mayor Karl Mooney.

Mooney was part of a 5-2 vote supporting the project after he initially voted against original plans last fall.

Wayne Rife, an attorney representing the developer tells us they've gone to great lengths to adjust their apartment plans including a 25 foot buffer from the Aggie Field of Honor.

They will also preserve the sight lines from the cemetery to Kyle Field and most of the view of the A&M campus.

"It had the opportunity to be used for industrial purpose. Well, that's not very conducive to being next to a cemetery either and so they came back finally with a whole new plan and basically turned around the apartment portion of the buildings and have them now as a buffer," explained Mooney."

Council Members Blanche Brick and Julie Schultz voted against the project. They expressed concerns to us including access to the property and the location.

A visitor at the cemetery told us they were surprised new apartments would be built so close by.

"It certainly satisfied a majority of the council and like I I said I was on the prevailing side you know. I think too when we saw the kind of quality that it was going to be that it’s not going to be a rent by bedroom. So it’s not going to be focusing on students," said Mooney.

"It's part of the challenge that we're facing more and more in this city we have very limited land that's been unused, untouched in some way or form. And the in fill development that we're facing those challenges are going to keep coming up," he added.

The College Station Planning and Zoning Commission is getting a final update on the project's recent approval Thursday night.

TxDOT is also planning a hike and bike trail that will connect the property to campus.

Design and then construction for the new apartments are expected to start soon.