New fire stations being discussed for Bryan

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Crews are hard at work building Bryan Fire Station 2. They are replacing an old and outdated station.

"The walls are coming up and in fact they're about to dry it in soon. They're installing the roof right now and we're just excited to see it coming into shape and they're progressing well right now," said Bryan Fire Chief Randy McGregor.

As Bryan continues to grow, Chief McGregor says there is potential for new stations in the future besides replacing the old ones.

"There's some thoughts about one out on Highway 21 East and potentially Highway 21 West as both sides of town start to develop or continue to develop," said McGregor.

He said a decision on new stations will depend on need.

"When a development occurs down the road we'll look at the growth and response times and see where we need to be and address those situations when they get here," said McGregor.

The Bryan Fire Department said there is also a possibility for upgrades to stations three and four.

“They’re very small too and don’t really meet the needs but we’re doing one at a time and station 2 is right now but down the road we will look at replacing those stations," said McGregor.

Station 2 is set to be complete in December of this year.