Paying for fast food with just your face

A man gets buzzy trying to break a world record, plus we're looking at a lobster so rare it was spared at the dinner table, but first a new way for you to pay for your meals.

It's a facial recognition payment system that is being used at a KFC in China. The system, named "Smile to Pay" enables consumers to pay without using any cash, bank card or mobile devices. A consumer who has an Alipay account can link it with their face by staring at a 3D webcam. The camera will take a picture and scan the consumer's facial information and voila you've paid for your food.

A lobster caught in New England was saved from the dinner plate by his unique coloration. Experts say yellow lobsters are super rare like on in 30 million rare. The lobster was found in a trap but will now join the colorful cadre of kooky crawling crustaceans currently at the New England Aquarium.

Also trending, a new Guinness World Record has people buzzing after a man in Canada wore a beard of live bees for 61 minutes. Juan Carlos Noquez Ortiz bore the buzzing beard beating the previous record by more than 7 minutes. Ortiz is an employee at a bee farm in Ontario. He says he practiced the stunt only twice before trying it for real. He only got a few stings in the process.