Prison guard takes own life while on duty at Ferguson Unit in Midway

MADISON COUNTY, Tex. (KBTX)- State authorities confirm a correctional officer on Sunday took his own life while on duty at the Ferguson Unit in Midway.

A spokesman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice says on Sunday morning the staff at the prison attempted to make contact with the 40-year-old employee who was assigned to a security picket.

"After no response was received, staff entered the tower and found him dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound," said TDCJ Spokesman Jason Clark.

The officer is a native of Silsbee, Texas and began working for TDCJ in August 2002.

"We ask that you keep his family, friends, and coworkers in your thoughts and prayers," said Clark.

The Office of Inspector General is investigating the incident.

The Ferguson Unit is located 20 miles northeast of Huntsville on FM 247 in Madison County. It has 578 employees.

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