Robot fridge to make life easier for you

A college baseball team completes a trick shot you have to see to believe, plus scientists create a new type of chocolate, and imagine a fridge that brings your drinks right to you.

Panasonic unveiled a prototype of a movable fridge at a tech fair in Berlin. The fridge is called Ku and has wheels, as well as a built-in sensor that can help it respond to voice commands. It can learn your kitchen's layout and is linked to a database that provides details about the bottles in your fridge. The company says it can also be helpful for the elderly, saving them from difficult trips to the kitchen. A few other futuristic household appliances unveiled at the far was a robotic vacuum and several cleaning robots.

Also trending, scientists have invented a new chocolate called Ruby. It has a reddish-pink hue and fruity berry-like flavor. Swiss cocoa giant Barry Callebaut says the chocolate is made from the ruby cocoa bean and has no berry flavoring or color added. The new chocolate comes 80 years after white chocolate was introduced to the market.

Players on the University of Louisville men's baseball team pulled off a ridiculous multi-pass trick shot at a Labor Day pool party. The team posted the impressive feat on social media. No word on how many attempts were made.