Rudder High School welding program gets students career ready

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - April is National Welding Month, so we took the chance to check out some of the projects that local students are working on.

Larry White has been in education for 38 years and has spent many of those years teaching agriculture mechanics classes like welding.

Seniors and juniors in his class at Rudder High School stay busy making fire pits, barbecue pits, and more.

Many of the students plan to get jobs in the welding field once they graduate and say their high school program has gotten them started off in the right direction.

"It just gives us experience and helps you know your stuff, like how to set a welder or how to set the plasma cutter," explained senior Trent Terry.

The class donates some of the projects they make to local organizations so they can auction them off and raise money.