Samsung launches new Galaxy Note 8, says it won't catch fire

Samsung has dialed up a new smartphone it hopes will be the hot new item. But the announcement is met with hesitation by consumers, as the company tries to reassure them the new phone won't burst into flames like last year's version.

The company unveiled the new Galaxy Note 8 Wednesday in New York. The new Note 8 also has a lithium ion battery just like the Note 7 that was known to catch on fire, but the company says this battery is different and has gone through extensive testing with outside experts.

Besides a new power source, the Note 8 also has a larger infinity display and the ability to launch two apps at the same time. The phone also has two 12 mega pixel cameras, one wide angle, the other telephoto.

You can pre-order the phone right now and it will be available in retail stores on September 15th.

Also trending today, Arby's has come up with a way to savor Sunday's season-finale of HBO's "Game of Thrones".

In nine lucky cities across the country, Arby's will offer a smoked turkey leg, which looks similar to the kind sold at theme parks. The turkey leg is described as "seasoned with salt and brown sugar, smoked and slow-roasted to perfection". Unfortunately none of the Arby's in Texas are offering the limited edition item.

Finally, Kit Kat has released a cough-drop flavored candy bar in Japan.

Yea, we're not joking. It's the classic, crunchy bar with white chocolate icing that's actually infused with throat lozenge powder, according to packaging information.

The limited edition Kit Kat was released August 21st, ahead of the world cup qualifying matches. It was reportedly created so soccer fans could soothe their throats that get raspy from cheering at the top of their lungs.

The cough-drop flavored Kit Kat will be on sale until September 10th.