Sen. Cornyn: "No government program" can provide full Harvey relief, but here's what they can offer

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) says "no government program...can provide complete A to Z relief," in the wake of a storm like Hurricane Harvey.

Sen. Cornyn spoke on First News at Four of more than $15 billion signed into law for federal disaster relief.

"About half will go to FEMA," Sen. Cornyn said. "It's available to deal with disaster relief in any state. We're going to be competing with other disasters around the country, so we need to keep that in mind."

The second "pot" of money will go to community block grants, which Sen. Cornyn says are more flexible and more useful.

"Those will be primarily used for relief for Hurricane Harvey," said Sen. Cornyn. "But we all know that none of that is going to be adequate to deal with the disaster Hurricane Harvey or any others. It's a down payment."

Sen. Cornyn says, the gap in relief funding must be filled by local and state governments, as well as faith-based organizations and other non-profits.

Wherever the money comes from, Sen. Cornyn says he understands it will be nearly impossible to "make people feel entirely whole and that this hurricane never really happened."