Stronger movie premieres in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Tex. (KBTX) - Part of a movie centered on the effects of PTSD on military members was filmed in Huntsville last summer.

Huntsville residents had the opportunity to be extras in the film.

"Stronger" made it's debut on Thursday.

The movie is about a soldier who is suffering from PTSD after serving in Afghanistan.

The filmmakers hope it will bring awareness to the men and women who suffer from the disorder.

"There are just lots of men who have been in service to our country and are suffering from this. I think the greater the public education is of it the easier it will be for them," said Carol Herzog a Huntsville resident.

Before the second presentation, veterans, community members and those part of the film gathered together to celebrate the film's release.

Executive Producer Carla McDougal says the movie is a community effort that shows there are healing options.

"We just hope this brings awareness and also provides them places to go and say you know there is a place for help," said McDougal.

Johnny Holland, a Vietnam veteran, says he hopes viewers get a better understanding of what veterans are going through.

"Not just the veterans coming out of the military today, but goes back to any veteran coming home from the war. It's an adjustment to society, for some people it's harder than others and we're just trying to help people who need help now," says Holand.

After seeing the film one veteran says it brought emotion.

"I got emotional to tell you to the truth. I think it's going to bring a lot of light to a light of people," said Roger Goodwin, a Vietnam Veteran.

McDougal says making this film and researching the disorder lead her to create the organization “Stronger Together Alliance," a group of support groups across the country that are already helping those in need.

The proceeds from the three shows will to the the H.E.A.R.T.S Veteran Museum in Huntsville.