Suspect tries to escape by running out of local hospital emergency room

COLLEGE STATON, Tex. (KBTX)- A Bryan man is facing escape charges after he tried to run from a police officer while in custody at the College Station Medical Center, according to a police report.

On Friday, a College Station Police Officer was with the suspect at the hospital who was being examined for chest pains.

The suspect, Phillip Lee Martinez, was in custody for 5 warrants including a felony warrants for Evading Arrest with a Previous Conviction.

While he was at the hospital, Martinez, 32, was placed in handcuffs which were double-locked. The handcuffs were moved to the front of his body so that the doctors could do their examinations.

During this time, the officer was notified by a nurse of another nearby patient in the hospital who was unruly. While attending to that situation, according to the police report, Martinez was able to remove the medical equipment from his body and took off running out of the examination room.

Witnesses said they saw Martinez, still in handcuffs, running out of the emergency room doors.

The officer was able to catch up to him, and detained him in the hospital's parking lot.