TRENDING: Tattoos that can monitor your health

The future is now! Tattoos that can monitor your health and hover car designs.

Your next tattoo might be able to help track your health. Researchers at Harvard Medical School and MIT have designed new tattoo ink than changes color according to your biochemistry. For example: if your glucose levels increase, the green in your tattoo will darked to brown. The team used pig skin samples to test the ink. They are hoping the innovation will help people better monitor their health.

Also trending, automaker Renault has created what they think is the car of the future. The concept, nicknamed "Float." won a recent design contest put on by the car company. The hovering vehicle is non-directional in movement and would attach to pods in different configurations, so others can ride along. To hover, it uses maglev technology which is currently being used in Tesla's hyperloop train concept. Car designs had to emphasize electric power, autonomous driving and connected tech. "Float" designer Yuchen Cai won the contest and spent two weeks at Renault in Paris.