The Wright Response: April 27, 2017

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It was really no way to end the day, it had been a long one, lots of things on the plate and I made the mistake of checking my email just one last time before going to sleep.
Within 30 minutes, 3 emails came in with complaints. M-A sends this note:

"Where has Shel been lately? Did I miss something? Also, changes to web site pretty poor - what TV channel's web site doesn't include a TV listing schedule? Those in charge don't seem to know what they are doing."

Hey, M-A! I've admitted that before. How smart can a country boy from Mexia be anyway? Come on! We get questions about people who are not on air for a few days, and we thank you for that. Simply put, Shel took some vacation time. With regard to the website and the schedule, that call was made at a corporate level, and for the record, I agree with their decision based on the incredibly high and increasing cost. We are working on a solution. I don't know how M-A receives KBTX, but most providers like Suddenlink, Dish and Direct all have guides. We hope to have this adequately addressed shortly.

J-M wrote in a few days ago:

"Well your weather Dept has had a bad week so I won't kick you when you are down. Regardless, was that fake news that Burleson County would actually have a weather station or CBS has to approve the federal fund usage in addition NOAA? We must make sure the fallacy of man-made globe warming continues? Seriously, I watch channel 3 only to see the weather now, if you can't get that right then I guess I won't watch at all."

J-M, my first response is – "somebody needs a nap." First – regarding the rough week…this is in reference to the weather system that was barreling toward the Brazos Valley, I saw all the internal communications from the National Weather

Service and from NOAA, all saying there is "potential," and there was! Our neighbors to the north had a tornado hit, and those in fringe viewing areas from KBTX got hammered with high winds, and rain. A reminder – we cover a total of 16-or so counties, 8-primary. Mother nature likes to play tricks, and all the weather knowledge in the world can't overcome that.

Regarding the weather station, we understand the county received a grant. That's all we know. We don't know the timing, but Burleson County is aware this is a priority for viewers in that area, and KBTX stands with you.

It isn't an excuse, but some of us have been around longer than others, and newer members of the KBTX News Staff will quickly learn the lay of the land. My first month or so on-air was challenging, thinking Bedias was "bedius." A-N sent a note to set the record straight:

"The story Channel 3 is running on-line this morning on the mobility carts is incorrect.
The Building and Motor Pool facility on Carson was not part of the Texas National Guard Armory. It was the former home to the United States Army Reserve's HHC 420th Engineer Brigade. The reserve unit moved to North FM 2818 several years ago. As a former member of this unit I wanted to make sure the story was corrected."

And A-N, we thank you for setting it straight, corrections were made. Thanks for all the input, your opinion matters to this family of KBTX News 3.