The Wright Response: June 15, 2017

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Some e-mails or calls we receive are a little confusing, some might say it is because I'm simply not that bright – and there is merit to that. Last week I received this note:

"Love your news. Only channel we watch. Just a suggestion: Please don't chew gum while you are broadcasting. It's unprofessional and will not look good on your resume. Thanks."

I responded, as did Rusty Surette, and while I haven't watched all newscasts in their entirety, I was watching closely for a gum-chewer in our midst. Backtracking a moment – I 100% agree!
And frankly, I don't think in all my years here I've seen a reporter or anchor ever chew gum on air not saying it hasn't happened.

Ever since Ms. Tims in Algebra started taking out that wooden paddle in Mexia High School and swatted kids chewing gum in class, it didn't take me long to learn – probably not the best thing to do in a public setting. We haven't heard back from F-T, but – I'll certainly report back if we find out the name of said – gum-chewer.

I'll make this next one generic so as not to call out a specific news reporter on KBTX. D-M writes in:

"Hi Mike, KBTX is a great station. But the anchor is speaking way too fast in the 5 o'clock news. I can't keep up! Any suggestions?"

Only suggestion is to check back on that newscast now.
The issues was addressed, and you are right.
Sometimes – me included – we all get into habits, that unless someone points them out, we don't know they're happening. We do thank you for your input.

We continue to hear from fans of our 60th anniversary coverage, and here's one that is rather emotional for all of us. D-G sends this note:

"I was wondering if in your celebration you were going to have something about Jon Boaz? I had the pleasure of meeting Jon while helping him with his chocolate lab, Cocoa, who he loved so dearly. He was such a kind man, and I wanted his family to know he is missed, and not forgotten."

Thanks for the note about Jon, D-G. I think it was an unwritten rule around here during preparation of all the 60th anniversary footage that Jon would be included whenever possible. Many of us practically grew up together at KBTX.

In that, we celebrated and laughed a lot, we were there for each other when family members passed away, there at weddings and the birth of children. So when Jon, who was General Sales Manager of KBTX passed away at the early age of 48, our world was a little rocked. Just a personal note – there was a moment during the 60th anniversary celebration at Philips Event Center, when we showed a 25-minute history of the station.

In it was a lot of old footage, and certainly video of Jon in various situations. I wasn't prepared emotionally for the reaction I had when Jon was on the screen giving a quote about the KBTX studio expansion a little over 10-years ago.

It wasn't seeing Jon on screen that got me, it was the spontaneous applause that broke out from the other 200 people who were there, the moment they saw Jon.

All to say – we knew all of Jon's dogs and all of his family…in fact, like all who have pets, we saw several depart this earth and attended family funerals now and then, but we just weren't prepared to say goodbye to Jon – already over 6-years ago. Life is indeed fragile. So – be kind to each other.

Like Jon was – to all who knew him.