Wednesday's Child: Leslie and Chandler

Every masterpiece is unique, and these two artists are no different.

When asked what the siblings have in common, Leslie said with a laugh, "Our smile--that's pretty much it."

Leslie, 13, and Chandler, 9, may be siblings, but they've got their own styles.

You can find Chandler churning numbers...

"Division and math and multiplication," Chandler said of his favorite subject in school.

...while Leslie's wrapped up in another reality.

"I just love to read," said Leslie. "It's always something; when you turn the next page, it's always exciting."

What blends these two together is a love of sports.

"We both love football," Leslie said.

"You get to like pass it to each other," said Chandler.

"He's going to be quarterback, and I'm going to be running back," explained Leslie. "We're going to pass the ball to each other."

And while they'll be using different brush strokes, both Chandler and Leslie want to help people.

"A firefighter," is what Chandler says he wants to be. "Because I want to save people."

"I want to be a lawyer when I grow up," said Leslie of her dreams. "I think if they're bad they should go to jail. And if they're innocent, I want to be the person that sticks up for them."

This forever family is already a work of art, but it could use a few more details: maybe a mom, maybe a dad, maybe some brothers and sisters.

"Just watching a movie together," said Leslie. "Spending time together. Anything really. I could be at the most place that I hate in the world, but as long as I'm with them, I'm okay."

A couple of masterpieces ready for a happy home.

If you are interested in adopting Leslie and Chandler or any of our other Wednesday's Children, call Voices for Children at (979) 822-9700.