Wednesday's Child: Sean, Shane, and Saizon

They’ve got support, as each brother is handed a safety harness.

They’ve got encouragement, as the ropes course employee shouts, "You've got this."

They’ve got backup, as they're instructed to "use the wall and keep walking down."

But they don't just have these things on the climbing wall.

Sean, 11, Shane, 10, and Saizon, 7, are three young brothers who are there for each other—no matter the fear they’re conquering…

"Snakes," said Shane when asked what he's afraid of.

"I'm scared of the dark," said Sean.

Or the goal they’re seeking…

"Baseball player and a football [player]," said Shane.

Or achievement they’re who went the highest on the climbing wall.

"But you beat Shane," said Saizon.

"No you didn't," said Shane.

"I got all the way up there," said Sean.

These three are brothers through and through.

"Having people around to protect you and hang out," said Sean.

And at the end of the day, or rather, at the top of the climb--for the record, Saizon climbed the highest--they’re there to cheer each other on.

These adventurers need just one thing: a forever family to settle down with. A forever family to share their stories from the top with. A forever family to laugh and love with.

Because Shane, Sean and Saizon are only going up from here.

If you are interesting in adopting these brothers, you can reach out to their caseworker with the information below.

Jordan Tinkey
Cell (512) 431-3326
Fax (512) 339- 5960

If you are interesting in adopting any of our other Wednesday's Children, call Voices for Children at (979) 822-9700.