Wednesday's Child: Zach

"Gonna try it again?" an Aggie football player asks Zach as he tosses the ball.

"Yeah," Zach responds as he catches the pass and preps to try for another field goal. "I have to do it."

Never give up. It's a mantra for Zach, 14, who describes himself as a "geeky sports fanatic."

He's a kid who loves comic books almost as much as he loves Kyle Field, where he spent the day taking a tour with members of the Texas A&M team.

"I'm a big Aggie fan," Zach said. "Because I might want to go here one day."

And even if his kick doesn't get him to Texas A&M, his love of science just might.

"I like knowing how things work and what stuff is composed of," Zach said.

What Zach's composed of is smarts and heart and quite an arm for football.

He's a team player on the hunt for his own club and home court to take him from season to season.

"Just have a quiet place to do my homework," Zach said of the home he'd like to live in one day. "I'd like to have just some family time with a mom and dad."

And one more thing--

"'How was your day at school?' That question's pretty common," said Zach, "but I don't really get asked that all the time. I think that would be pretty nice to be asked."

A small request from a kid who's quite a catch.

If you're interested in adopting Zach or any of our other Wednesday's Children, call Voices for Children at (979) 822-9700.