Wright Response: May 11, 2017

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - This month, KBTX celebrates its 60th year of service to the Brazos Valley.
So in celebration of this milestone, let’s talk about Stephen Colbert.

Some questioned KBTX’s position his rant a week or so ago. Here’s how I responded:

“Incredibly inappropriate despicable comment. Regardless of who the comment was intended for. I share in your disappointment in the show. I recall when “Two and a Half Men” went over the line. Contact was made with CBS who forwarded the comment to the show’s producers, and to my shock, I received a phone call from someone associated with the show. Broadcast and cable go over the line, but not without hearing concerns.”

So – that’s my stance, doesn’t make it right, but it was wrong. However, in this day of divide, here are some notes I received. L-H says:

“I am highly disappointed in CBS airing Colbert’s vile, profane, nasty rant Monday night. The show is pre-taped and everyone knew what he said about President Trump. Your station went ahead and broadcast this hateful mess hours after it was taped. Someone could have edited. Your station has left family values behind and pursued crazy ideals spouted from New York. We no longer have a need to watch KBTX and will suggest to your sponsors to drop their advertising with your organization.”

L-H? We haven’t left family values behind. We don’t get previews of shows that are pre-recorded. Someone told you to say that because no normal person thinks we review things that are pre-taped. And suggest sponsors drop because of something over which we have ZERO control except to protest with you? That’s telling us.

C-S writes:

“I will boycott your station and advertisers until such time as the filth that is Steven Colbert is off of your airwaves.”

S-R writes in:

“I am writing to you for an explanation on the stations position regarding the words used by the host during his recent show. I enjoy a few of your programs during other times, but I am revisiting my support while I await an explanation. While I wait I am writing local advertisers to let them know I will not be supporting any business that advertises with you.”

Write away, S-R. And when you do, let them know of all the good we try to do within this community. You have no idea what is at the heart of this operation, a servants heart perhaps – like for Food for Families, Habitat, Pre-Natal Clinic, dozens of non-profits, in 12-counties we support. But, to ask for an answer – but before you even here it – you threaten and – I can only believe you are person of your word- you sent letters to advertisers! Here’s my promise – no matter how much I may disagree, I’ll never threaten you or seek to do you or your family harm, -or perhaps in this case – others who benefit in some way from what we do.

By the way, thanks to Rusty Surette and Kathleen Witte for emceeing Special Olympics, Derby Days with BVSO AND a fundraiser for Project Unity – All in one day last Saturday. And – more next time, but congratulations to Karla Castillo for winning the award for Best Anchor in the Division by Texas Associate Press.

We’re very proud of you. More on our winners – AND on our 60th anniversary next week, and you’re gonna love the line-up of guest anchors. We’ll keep serving the community.

Doing what we know to be right, controlling that which we can control – and for that – we don’t apologize.
Your opinion matters to this family of KBTX News 3.