The Wright Response: May 25, 2017

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - This past weekend was perhaps the most special in my 26-years with KBTX. Over 200 people attended the KBTX reunion Saturday. Friday of last week, the anchor chairs were filled by former KBTX staff members, all still members of the News 3 family.

We were just a little overwhelmed by comments about the event. Now – before you think this segment is all rosy today, it isn’t – got at least one that came in during this time that was a little humbling to read. First, the good stuff. D-G says:

"Congratulations KBTX on 60 years! I have enjoyed looking back at the old news footage and pictures, and look forward to the big on-air celebration with former anchors. It's always interesting to see how archaic TV footage from not that long ago looks now, but then it was state of the art. I wonder what people will be saying in the next 60 years? Thank you for your service to the community."

L-J sends this e-mail:

"Mike, I am really enjoying seeing the former news and weather anchors. It really takes you back. I would love to see then/now pictures of all of the news personalities with the years they were on air, and maybe where they are now. I remember crying with Carmen Rizzo when she broke down covering the bonfire. Good job guys, and congratulations!"

Then, in a rare moment I’ll use first and last names on this one. Our good friend Mary Jo Powell writes in:

"For those of us who have been watching KBTX for 40+ of its 60 years, I’ve loved seeing all the old familiar faces and hearing what they remember about their time here. Happy Anniversary to all of you!"

Then – a little of a humbling moment when we hear from S-F who was a little irritated with all the KBTX celebration going on:

"How long do you plan on celebrating your 60th year? Most people acknowledge their birthdays and anniversaries for a day or two. My grandparents didn't make a this big of a deal about their 70th anniversary, yet in my opinion, that is a much greater feat than a 60 year old business. There are much older and more successful businesses than yours, but we don't hear about them. Hopefully soon this will be over and your ego will be fulfilled."

We did have a nice exchange of e-mails. And yes, I agree – being married 70-years is a far more notable accomplishment, but we are a business, not a couple – and the thousands of people who watched newscasts by former anchors either on-line or on-air, and to those commented on our walk down memory lane – made this celebration all worth it.

S-F won me over by apologizing for the edginess of the e-mail and said his wife says he should think first before making comments like that. Any guy with that honesty – who frankly is just like me – and you can ask Bethany on that – gets my respect and friendship.

All to say, it was an emotional gathering. If you haven’t watched the KBTX reunion video on line, take the time to do so. The whole celebration was summed up with this.

While watching this 25-minute video, those 200+ people watched every moment, paid respects to the part in the video the memorialized those who had passed away in the last 10-years, then stayed well after the gathering was supposed to be over. It was like watching – home movies. It was like – family.

Be in touch anytime, your opinion matters to this family. On we go together – to the next 60-years. We are – KBTX News 3.