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Social media helps Michigan couple complete their adoption wishes

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DAVISON, Mich. (WJRT) -- A Mid-Michigan couple has dreamed for nearly a year to grow their family. Now, with the help of social media, those wishes have come to fruition.

Brian Wildmo and Bradley Mahon's story began during the Supreme Court hearings on same-sex marriage.

The couple shared their hopes of becoming parents, and social media made it all come true.

"We keep having to pinch ourselves because I feel like I've been in a movie," Mahon said, as he holds his new baby girl, Kennedy Rose, who has been home less than a week.

"Don't let her cute looks fool you," Wildmo added. "She does wake up in the middle of the night and has her little fits at night, but that's nothing compared to the happiness we have."

The couple had long wanted to adopt after being foster parents for nearly a year.

They shared their wishes for a family through a GoFundMe and Facebook account.

"We never expected this to happen," Wildmo said.

"Social networking is just so powerful and that's how it happened. This lady in Missouri saw our page on the 'Show Me Your Stethoscope' (page) and that was that,” Mahon said.

That page started as a way to support nurses after controversial comments were made on the ABC show 'The View' about Miss Colorado who showed off her stethoscope during a pageant.

Wildmo is a nurse. Mahon is an EMT. They decided to join the stethoscope group.

"It gained about 800,000 members in less than a week," Wildmo said. "And that's where we decided to post our Facebook page and somebody saw it and connected it with our daughter's birth mother."

Mahon, who admits to being skeptical in the very beginning about sharing their story online, quickly came around to the idea. He too was amazed with its power.

"The mother spoke to us about a month before her due date, and we kind of lost contact so we thought it fizzled out," Mahon said. "And then one day Brian gets a call and this beautiful lady; she was in labor and she chose us."

Kennedy Rose was born March 8, 2016.

Wildmo rushed to Missouri the next day. The timing of it all was ironic. The couple had already been in the process of reuniting their foster child with her birth mother. Mahon stayed behind to see that process through.

Wildmo eventually arrived in Missouri and not long after, a judge signed off on the interstate adoption, making both men Kennedy's legal parents.

"Being home has been a lot less stressful; I think she can pick up on that," Wildmo said.

The couple had a welcome home and baby shower last week. They said their story is one of love and patience.

"Everyone's very excited," Mahon said.

Their daughter's baby book says it all. The proud parents wrote, "Wow what a crazy story. We found your mother through a website called Facebook."

Miss Colorado has shared the couple's story and pictures on her Facebook page.

Wildmo and Mahon want to see a more uniform adoption process in the United States. Right now, different states have different rules.

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