Classroom Champion - Drew Mahlen - October 13, 2016

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HUNTSVILLE, Texas - Classroom Champions, presented by American Momentum Bank.

News 3 Sports would like to congratulate our latest Classroom Champion, Drew Mahlen. The Huntsville High School Senior has a 5.32 GPA, and is currently ranked in the top ten percent of his class.

Jonathan Gallen – Teacher
“I've known Drew Mahlen for a couple of years now. I had him last year in Pre-AP Pre-Cal and convinced him to sign up for AP Calculus this year. You know the football team has wristbands this year saying that their difference makers on the football field. But Drew is definitely a difference maker in the classroom as well. He's responsible, he's intelligent, he participates, he's focused, he takes ownership of his learning, and he realizes that academics are just as important as his athletics.”

Drew is the team captain of the Huntsville Hornet football team. Last season, Drew was a 2nd Team All-District selection, and he was also the teams Defensive Most Valuable Player. Outside of sports, Drew is member of the National Honor Society, SOAP (Speaking Out Against Problems) Drama Squad, and the Huntsville Hornet Football Leadership Council. Drew is also very active in his church's youth group and in his community.

Rodney Southern - Coach
“He's not one that's going to scream and yell at guys all the time. But he also knows how to get the most that he needs to get out of the guys around him. But Drew's also a good teammate. And a lot of times being a leader puts you kind of on a pedestal. But I think with Drew because he is such a good teammate he does work hard and tries to out work everybody out there. I think you have to respect that.”

Drew Mahlen - Student
“Being a scholar athlete is extremely hard. I mean we go to practice every morning, every afternoon. I'm at the school from 7 o' clock to 7 o' clock; it's almost 12 hours. So that doesn't leave much time for homework or tutorials or anything. So I have to be on top of my classwork even when I'm tired from football I still have to go home and keep working hard.”

After High School, Drew wants to continue his football career in college and he will major in Engineering.

Congratulations to Drew Mahlen of Huntsville High School. This week’s News 3 Sports Classroom Champion!