Red Bull cliff diver David Colturi makes big impact on local divers

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) -- David Colturi started diving at the age of 5 and now 23 years later has taken his talents to the Red Bull Cliff Diving series. Wednesday he stopped off at Texas A&M to promote his season starting in June 1st at Possum Kingdom Lake outside of Graford, as well as offer pointers to local divers to help them hone their skills.

After competing at Purdue University Colturi became an amusement park show diver, then heard about cliff diving and fell in love with the height and and fear factor.

"Just diving off the 10 meter is a scary thing to do. So then to go from 10 meters up to 20 or even 27 meters, the biggest thing is the fear of the height and the impact of how fast it is," said Colturi.

"Physically the biggest challenge is in traditional spring board and platform diving that you go in hands first and so that technique difference of learning how to land on your feet is the first step to converting," added the Red Bull Cliff Diver.

When David is not training, he's out promoting his sport and helping younger divers improve their talents. Whether it was working with 11 year old Josh Edelman or Aggie freshman Charlye Campbell, Colturi was able to immediately relate to their different skill levels and make impact on their diving abilities.

"I learned like a brainie and I have never done a brainie in my life before. I did it all the way from one meter up to 7 meters today," commented Campbell.

"He's been helpful and it's been pretty cool for him to help me and doing synchronize with him was pretty fun," continued Edelman.

Only time will tell if David's visit might cause Charley or Josh or some other divers he visited with at the Texas A&M Rec Center Natatorium on Wednesday to try feet first and follow in his footsteps and become a cliff diver someday.