Countdown to the Digital Switch:

On June 12, 2009 all television stations in the United States (including KBTX-TV) will be required to switch their traditional analog television signals to the new digital standard. As of July 2009, all of television will be digital!

A lot of us are already watching digital television (digital cable, etc.). This section is here to provide you with all the information you need to know concerning digital television (DTV), high-definition television (HDTV), and the transition from the old analog signals to the new digital.

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Believe it or not, a lot of us are already watching digital TV! Whether or not you will be affected depends on how you watch:

Digital Cable

Basic Cable



If you subscribe to digital cable, you will not be affected. Your digital cable box is already converting your signals to the new digital format.

If you subscribe to basic cable than you will not be affected

During the initial transition, cable companies will still provide analog signals through basic cable.

If you subscribe to satellite, you will not be affected. Your satellite box is already converting your signals to the new digital format.

If you watch TV "over-the-air" using an antenna, then you will be affected.

You will need to:

a) purchase a digital television, or

b) purchase a digital converter box.

1. What is the digital conversion?
The digital conversion or digital switch is the date in which all television stations will turn off their old, traditional signals. It is at this point, on February 17, 2009, when all television will be digital.

2. What is the digital converter box coupon?
If you do not currently subscribe to digital cable or satellite and you don't own a digital television, you will have to a) buy a digital TV, or b) buy a converter box.

The government will offer up to two free $40 coupons, per household, to go towards the purchase of a converter box if you need one. Click here to find out how to sign up.

3. Do I have to buy an HDTV to go digital?
No!  You can purchase a digital television (DTV) and it not be an HDTV. Digital television has a better quality than the tradition analog TV. High-definition television (HDTV) is simply a better-quality version of digital TV.

All televisions sold in the U.S. are now digital. HDTV's are usually the one's that have the widescreen format. If you're confused at the store, just look for the "HDTV" wording on the television or ask for help.

4. How do I get KBTX digital programming?
We're already broadcasting in digital -- and a lot of you are already watching! Most television stations are broadcasting in the traditional analog and digital at the same time. Once analog signals are shut off  in February 2009, you can pick up KBTX digital programming the following ways: 

- through digital cable (which is already available on Suddenlink channel 5 or Suddenlink channel 710, HD)

- through Direct TV satellite

- "over-the-air" using you antenna on digital channel 3.1 (CBS) and 3.2 (The CW).

CBS Digital Programming on KBTX

Cable: Suddenlink channel 5
Suddenlink channel 710 (HD)
Satellite: Direct TV channel 3
Antenna: Channel 3.1 (DT or HD)

The CW Digital Programming on KBTX

Cable: Suddenlink channel 8
Satellite: Not Available
Antenna: Channel 3.2
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