The Wright Response - October 24, 2013

By: Mike Wright Email
By: Mike Wright Email
Questions about our new mobile app and an old steady -- political bias by the media -- make up this edition of the Wright Response, along with special birthday wishes.

KBTX General Manager, Mike Wright

Recently I transcribed a phone call from an angry viewer, upset with KBTX that we carried US Open Tennis as supplied by CBS. Today, another one of "those calls." I always run a risk talking about this. It opens a political discussion and that's not the intention at all.

Friday, September 20, 2013, in the middle of coverage of a driving rain storm and flash flooding, we received this call from a very upset viewer. Exact words:

"Yes ma'am, I want to know why the station did not run the story of the reform bill passing. The Republicans passed the form bill that wasn't on there, and also along with it, they cut $40 billion from food stamps that wasn't on there. This is why I don't watch your station. It's a sorry station. You don't report the news. You only report what you think makes people look good and Republicans look really bad right now. You're a very sorry excuse for a news station. You don't report the news."

Wow. First, this person is at the root of everything wrong with our country. I return all calls, I respond to all e-mail, but this? A hit and runner - didn't leave a number, just wanted to blast us and allow no way to respond. And why would you leave a number?

Immediately I checked. This call came in during the noon hour that day. I watched my DVR recording of KBTX News at Noon. She is partially right. Our lead story was about several issues voted on that day. While the food stamp reduction did not air during News 3 at Noon, it was part of a longer story on Just for the heck of it, I went to the Fox News website and found almost verbatim the same story.

Republican, Democrat, Aggie or Longhorn - it doesn't matter. If you really want an explanation or answer, leave a number. I've used the phrase before but in this case: somebody does need a nap. Good grief.

On to other matters: as most of you may have noticed, this sorry station launched an upgrade to our mobile app. Overwhelming reviews mostly, but some issues have occurred.

DB brought one to our attention:

"I just wanted to express my disappointment and frustration with the new iPhone app. As the wife of a rancher I look at the 7 day forecast everyday several times a day. I have looked but cannot find. I don't want to hunt for it. I don't mind going to your mobile sight but the app is supposed to be more convenient. I know and appreciate that KBTX is always trying to better its ability to get the news out. I just wanted to let you know my frustration. I appreciate all you do for this community.

What a nice note - and I agree with you. I'm on the low-end of literate when it comes to use of mobile devices and tablets, but I'm learning. But I DON'T want to hunt for information. We learned from this e-mail, as Internet Director Thomas Miller responded:

"Thanks for letting us know how you feel. We'll work to make this easier to find. As of this moment, to reach the 7-Day, simply tap the menu icon, then select Weather followed by 'Images/Maps'. You'll see our 7-Day in this location. I should be able to get that added higher and in less steps. I'll be in touch with you on Monday."

And he did, and the adjustment was made. We always thank you for those types of comments, those which allow us to respond and fix the issue.

You be in touch anytime, and I'm sorry I kind of got my feelings hurt today. Once again in the words of the great philosopher Taylor Swift, people throw rocks at things that shine. We'll continue working to shine brighter for you - as long as you stay in touch with us.

A family note: many of you remember the morning Bethany and I welcomed our twins into the world. Get ready - this will make you feel a bit older. Today, they are 13. Happy birthday to Macy and Mason. I've enjoyed being pretty smart for 12 years. Now, my dumb phase begins as we now have - teenagers. And if your teenagers don't listen to you at home, I will - and I thank you for your opinions you send to KBTX News 3.

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