Aggies Remember The Bonfire Collapse 13 Years Later

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It has been a solemn day for Aggies. Today marks the 13 anniversary of the Aggie Bonfire Collapse of 1999. At 2:42 AM, the bonfire collapsed killing 12 Aggies and injured 27 others.

A memorial service for the fallen Aggies began early this morning. Hundreds of students gathered together at 2:42 AM to honor students who tragically died over a decade ago. People continued to pay their respects all day at the Aggie Bonfire Memorial. Fresh roses and candles were placed in the center in honor of the Aggies lost in the tragedy.

Kevin and Kelly Kampe along with their daughters experienced the essence of Bonfire Memorial together for the first time today. The class of '94 former students have been to previous Aggie Bonfires while they were students at A&M.

Many other families walked through the memorial in honor the Aggies' lives lost in the tradition 13 years ago.